1. Role model

    Batman for grown-ups goes like this.

  2. Quit

    Quitting vanishes progress and leaves no opportunity for growth.

  3. Expectations

    The older I get, the more I learn to tame my own expectations.

  4. Time

    We need less of it more than ever.

  5. Observe

    I keep forgetting there's a gap.

  6. Impact

    With each and every derivation, the context and meaning of the original idea gets weaker.

  7. Direction

    Direction is either 1 or -1.

  8. Robustness and second order effects

    One smart thing to do is to get prepared for big deviations.

  9. Learning to lead

    Learning to lead is learning to operate one's own life.

  10. Why we need systems in our lives

    We all need lanes so that we could focus on things that are more impactful than trying to keep a straight line.

  11. The header team

    On micro-frontends and our inability to avoid stupidity.

  12. What activities are considered productive.

    Everyone's tipping point is different. You got to find yours.

  13. My programming principles

    Understand why principles are important, how to expand horizontally and what does it mean for a design to emerge.

  14. Developing a writing habit

    This is the first article from a series in which I'll write short, imperfect sentences.