Developing a writing habit

Incomplete word written with wooden blocks

Photo by Alex on Unsplash

I've been considering writing an article in my blog since forever. I mean, I want to write more, but I always have no time. Or at least that's the narrative in my head.

I'm going to change that.

I have diagnosed the problem, which is I tend to strive for perfection. And this stops me from creating.

This is the first article from a series in which I'll write short, imperfect sentences.

It's my strategy to gracefully push myself into a zone of discomfort. By slowly but steadily going in a direction that feels unfamiliar.

Each article should take me no more than 20 minutes to write. If I reach the twentieth minute and still don't have my final sentence, I must stop where I am and just publish what I have.

Constraints are crucial in the beginning.

They serve the same purpose as the training wheels to the kid that's just starting to learn how to keep a balance on his new bike.

Let's write together.