The green socks

Green socks

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

I have a drawer full of socks. The number is close to 30 pairs.

I wear no more than 5 different pairs all in all.

It takes me 5 seconds on average to find a pair that I like every time I open the drawer.

The only way to optimize this is to remove the socks that I don't wear that often. This will make some space for my favorite ones, thus saving me some precious seconds in looking for the green pair.

You'd say it's obvious.

But if asked to apply the same basic principle to your entire life, you'd be a bit skeptical.

Why so?

Firstly, because of the scale. People get scared when asked to experiment with their way of living.

Secondly, because of the popular narrative that doing more leads to more. More success, more money, more happiness, more everything.

It might work in the beginning. Until the amount of "things" becomes unbearable. That's when the law of diminishing returns kicks in. That's when things start to hinder your efficiency.

Everyone's tipping point is different. You got to find yours.


Just go to both extremes. Add everything you can think of to your life for a month. Then start removing until you hit the sweet spot.

There's no universal measure. Just make sure that looking for your green pair of socks doesn't make you nervous.