The strongest shall survive

Squat rack

Photo by Jelmer Assink on Unsplash

I woke up at 7:30 feeling mentally and physically drained. Yesterday was rough. I couldn't sleep well. I had just remembered that in a while I had to be at the gym, squatting.

I almost convinced myself to skip it.

I'm glad that I didn't, though.

I got up, put on some clothes, and a couple of hours later I was facing the bar, loaded with a weight I haven't squatted ever before.

The first rep felt heavy, and the second - even heavier. I couldn't catch my breath. The third and the fourth were so close to failure, but I managed to squat these. The fifth was the hardest, but I ain't got in the gym to rack the bar and be a pussy. So, I took a big breath and squatted that shit out.

I did two more sets of fives. I was almost crying on the last rep of the third set.

But I did it.

I could've stayed home and deceived myself that I'm doing the right thing.

I could've also rack the bar on the fourth rep of the first set and admit that it's not my day today.

I could've also reached for lighter plates.

But I stuck to the plan. I didn't pussy out.

I'm convinced that not being a failure in life boils down to a very simple heuristic.

Just don't pussy out. Stick to your plan.

As the great Mr. Rippetoe says:

Stronger people are harder to kill than weak people and are more useful in general.

Get stronger. In any possible way.