For anything else, "enough" is better than nothing and not worse than excellent.


Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

A shadow that's always haunting me in my life is my inability to accept mediocrity. I simply cannot operate in half-assed mode - it's all or nothing for me most of the time. Which always leads to counterproductive patterns, without exceptions.

For example, you'd see me binge eat pizza because I couldn't find time to visit the gym 3 days a week. So, who cares about eating healthy, as I'm missing the other half of the puzzle - being active.

Also, I'd read zero books this year simply because I couldn't reach my artificial benchmark of 1 book/week. So, fuck it to reading in general!

That kind of stuff.

Things started to change a couple of years ago because of two key realizations I had:

These lead to one important observation.

In most areas of our lives, being around average is more than enough.

We don't have to be elite athletes to have a healthy lifestyle. It's enough to eat mindfully and go for a walk every now and then.

We don't have to become avid readers to be well educated/informed on a particular topic. It's enough to read often and whenever you feel like doing it.

Pick a couple of essential life endeavors and squeeze the maximum out of your capacity. For anything else, "enough" is better than nothing and not worse than excellent.

So, embrace enoughness.

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