How do you cut off a tree?

Top-down vs bottom-up.


Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

There are two ways (direction-wise) you could do it.

  1. Top-down
  2. Bottom-up

In the top-down approach, you start off by removing all the leaves first. Next, you cut off the branches, one by one, until there's only a trunk left. Lastly, you pick up the chainsaw and remove the whole stem. By the late afternoon, you're already done. You grab a beer and enjoy the productive day you've had.

And there's the bottom-up approach, the obvious one. You simply cut off the three near the bottom of the trunk. Just like that, one simple move using a chainsaw and the tree is down. There's even no "up" work in the bottom-up approach. The overwhelming benefit of doing it this way is the amount of effort you're technically saving yourself/skipping. It's not even afternoon, and you've already done the job.

It's a silly bit example, but a quite powerful one. That's a strategy in action.

Think of the tree as a metaphor for the work you do daily.
Are you dealing with leaves and branches? Or are you smart enough to identify the trunk and focus there?

Be strategic about work, time, and effort.