I keep forgetting there's a gap.


Photo by Gilberto Parada on Unsplash

The following is something I have become aware of recently, doing my daily mindfulness practice.

I keep forgetting there's a gap.

You know, a bad thing happens (A), and you immediately get anxious (B). You rarely consider the gap - the one between both events.

That gap is a tiny fraction of a moment, a very special moment. It's where a transaction between the outer world and our inner one takes place. Your (sub)consciousness accepts some stimulus as an input, validates it and returns an output, or ignores it and returns void.

There's also the inner world to inner world transactions. Like a thought pops, and you immediately hook to it. There's also a gap.

Most of these transactions happen in the absence of any awareness.

Something itches, you scratch. Almost zero consciousness gets involved.

But here's the funny thing.

We have control over that. We can decide to activate more consciousness on demand. Technically, that means we can decide to be fully present in the gap.

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could proactively decide whether something has control over your output?

Here's a thing you can try. Don't move for one minute. Like, literally don't even move your tongue or a finger. Just stay still. If something itches, don't scratch. If you need to move your leg a bit, don't.

Just stay still and observe. Notice a stimulus and decide not to react. Be present in that gap. Take that sense of control throughout your entire day and be a superhero.

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