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  1. Online vs. Offline

    Online is all about things we see, hear and experience through an interface.

  2. But

    Case closed.

  3. Anger


  4. Distraction

    Having the evidence myself, I wouldn't skip that.

  5. Year 2500

    My bet is things that go against our natural properties won't stand any chance long-term.

  6. Why

    Start peeling off those layers of certainty.

  7. Enough

    For anything else, "enough" is better than nothing and not worse than excellent.

  8. Role model

    Batman for grown-ups goes like this.

  9. Quit

    Quitting vanishes progress and leaves no opportunity for growth.

  10. Expectations

    The older I get, the more I learn to tame my own expectations.

  11. Time

    We need less of it more than ever.

  12. Observe

    I keep forgetting there's a gap.

  13. Impact

    With each and every derivation, the context and meaning of the original idea gets weaker.

  14. Direction

    Direction is either 1 or -1.

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